Kimberly Callas at Unity College
Art at Unity College

An exhibit entitled Portrait of the Ecological Self by Maine artist Kimberly Callas will be featured at the Leonard Craig Art Gallery, Unity College Center for the Performing Arts.

Alumni BBQ 2014 at Unity House
50th Anniversary

They came from near and far to reminisce, reconnect, and learn about the many changes that have transformed the college they support into a borderless enterprise that sends graduates to all points of the globe.

Woodsmen Club at Unity College
A Unique Sport

For a sport that at first blush seems to be testosterone-fueled, woodsmen’s is actually a model of how the genders can train, work and compete together. 

Development Office

Unity College has announced the appointment of Julie Briggs Cunningham as Director of College Development and Alumni Affairs. 

Unity College Scholarship

In a gift made possible by the Holt family in collaboration with the Maine Community Foundation, three Unity College students have been chosen as this year's recipients.