Institutional Research

Institutional research allows the College to improve planning, allocate resources appropriately, and assess current practices. It ultimately enables us to set and successfully attain our goals. All of our research supports the Unity College Strategic Plan, the Unity 2020 Vision, and the overall health and welfare of the college.

Contact Holly Hein, Dean for Institutional Research, with any questions or concerns regarding published data.


Fall 2011 Cohort
First-time freshmen to sophomore retention rate: 75%
Transfer student retention rate: 72%

Published Factbooks


The Unity College Factbook represents the overall status of the College. It looks at students from the stage of recruitment through employment one year after graduation.

Program Factbook

The Unity College Program Factbook focuses on critical student information regarding enrollment and retention for each individual major within a center.

Student Engagement

Each year the National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE) asks students at hundreds of colleges and universities to reflect on the time they devote to various learning activities. The topics explored are linked by previous research on student success in college. 
Results from NSSE can provide prospective students with insights into how they might learn and develop at a given college. To help in the college exploration process, NSSE developed A Pocket Guide to Choosing a College to provide students and parents key questions to ask during campus visits.
Find out what the National Survey of Student Engagement learned about Unity College (pdf)

Equity in Athletics

Equity in Athletics Report (pdf)