Unity Fishbowl Talks

Unity Fishbowl Talks

Unity Fishbowl TalksUnity Fishbowl Talks is a colloquium series for Unity College faculty and invited outside speakers to discuss ideas on pedagogy and to present their scholarly work. These discussions and presentations address the need for a trans-disciplinary forum for teaching efforts at Unity College and also provide an interdisciplinary forum for discussions on research. It is at this intersection of teaching and research goals where speakers can make the most impact on Unity College students. 

Attendance is highly encouraged, with most Fishbowl events occurring during community time on the second Thursday at noon or the third Tuesday at 11:00 am. The events take place in PW 204 and unless otherwise noted, include free lunch and a coffee discussion in the Student Center immediately after each presentation.

Fishbowl is generously sponsored by the Teaching Discussion Group and the Office of the President.

Fall 2014 Fishbowl Schedule

Tuesday, Aug 26th, 11-12:00 noon, Steve Kahl

Thursday, Sept 11th, 12 – 12:30 Alex Bjork, Manager, Agriculture Supply Chains, World Wildlife Fund                                        

Thursday, Sept 25th, 12 – 12:30 Stephanie Wade and Tom Mullin: CBL Fusion

Thursday, Oct 9th, 12-12:30  Carrie Diaz Eaton “QUBES: connecting mathematicians and biologists”

Tuesday, Oct 21st, 11-12 noon, Brian Olsen, Assistant Professor of Biology, University of Maine “Evolutionary Succession”

Thursday, Oct 30th, 12 – 12:30, Stephanie Wade and Christa Straub “Allen Island and the Environmental Citizen”

Tuesday, Nov 18th, 11-12 noon, Michael Evans