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Studio classes at Unity College are under 15 students and the natural, cultural and artistic landscape of Mid-Coast Maine attracts and inordinate number of working artists to the area.

Sass Linnekin '14, completed her final thesis project based on her internship spent in Iceland.

Capturing the attention of the public through strong and effective art and writing can transform the world. Our students are the writers and artists who hold a vision of what could be. They are committed to deep reading, thoughtful writing, visionary artistry, and creative imagination, allowing them to play an essential role in shaping the future of the planet.


Creative Expression

Our graduates go on to become innovative thinkers who can effectively solve problems and are well prepared to raise public awareness about environmental challenges. We are the center for environmental imagination, where you learn to match communication skills with visionary ideas. We bring an environmental focus to your liberal arts education.

Experiential Learning

You will develop your craft and professional voice as you practice expressive writing, immerse yourself in literature and history, investigate anthropology and philosophy, explore drama and design, and experiment with studio and digital arts.

You will be challenged academically as you learn to think critically, write and speak effectively, reason through problems, and embrace learning as a life-long endeavor. You will develop strong skills in journalism and multimedia advocacy that give the environmental sciences a public voice.

21st Century Readiness

Our programs provide a thorough grounding in the environmental sciences. Students take classes in field-based biology, ecology, and climate-change science to ready themselves to be effective communicators of 21st century environmental challenges.

Career Options for Environmental Arts and Humanities Programs Graduates

  • Communications Directors for Nonprofit Organizations
  • Creative Writers
  • Mixed-Media Designers
  • Editors
  • Teachers
  • Environmental Journalists and Advocates
  • Lobbyists
  • Technical Writers
  • Web Designers
  • Commercial Artists