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Students from professor Lori Perez's Introduction to Conservation Law spend the day on The Maine State Marine Patrol boat "The Guardian" with patrolman Matt Wyman, a Unity College graduate.
Leeann Reid ’13

"At Unity, I was fortunate to have had so many opportunities to study the field that interests me while simultaneously working and taking action in order to make a difference."

We all have a stake in a healthy, productive environment. Today's land stewards and managers face new and complex challenges as they work to sustain and protect the earth's biodiversity for us all. That's why we teach our students how to develop effective protection measures within real-life natural-resource management situations.


21st Century Tools

Programs within the Center for Natural Resource Management and Protection will provide you with the skills to teach and enforce wildlife, recreation, and land-use laws; apply science to develop best practices; and ultimately influence resource-management decision making. Innovative teaching and hands-on, field-based courses are the cornerstones of our programs.

We will also provide you with the skills and tools necessary to address contemporary environmental and natural resource management challenges. Our programs are designed to allow you to choose a path that supports your specific interests, while training you broadly enough to give you future options. Combined with a high-quality liberal arts education that includes mathematics, writing, and reasoning skills, this education will prepare you for a career in conservation management and protection, as well as provide a solid base for future graduate studies.

Innovative Learning

The programs within the Center for Natural Resource Management and Protection are regionally recognized for innovative teaching and public education. Our students venture into the woods, fields, and streams of Maine, combining research and learning with service to the community. With a strong foundation in science, technology, and social science skills, our programs will prepare you to tackle the new and evolving environmental challenges facing us all.

Career Options for Natural Resource Management and Protection Programs Graduates

  • Game Wardens
  • Marine and Wildlife Law Enforcement Officers
  • National Park Service Rangers
  • State Conservation Officers
  • State Police Officers
  • Park Naturalists
  • Wildlife Biologists and Educators
  • U.S. Fisheries and Wildlife Agents
  • Environmental Educators
  • Land Trust Resource Managers
  • Interpretive Naturalists