Fall 2016

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Half Moon Gardens and the McKay Agricultural Research Station serve as a direct extension of the 225 acre campus, providing the community with both educational and entrepreneurial opportunities.

The course offerings below are for Fall 2016. Theme-based course descriptions are also listed. A comprehensive list of courses offered at Unity College is found on The Unity College Catalog

Unity College Courses for Fall 2016

Fall 2016 Course OfferingsA complete list of course offerings for Fall 2016. Book information is available via your student portal or the campus store

Courses for May Term can be found here. 

Theme-based Course Descriptions Fall 2016

AR 2103 Art Explorations: Printmaking

This course will provide an introduction to various printmaking methods through monoprints, screenprinting, block printing and experimental processes. 

Historical and contemporary print imagery will be examined throughout the class as a means for the student to understand the range of expression possible through printmaking. 

Pre-Requisite: None

AR 2113 Creative Writing: Community Literacy and School Gardens

Community literacy means learning about our neighbors and our neighborhood.  In this class, we will define it broadly to include our human, plant, and animal neighbors. Our primary questions will be: How do gardens offer sites for community work and the exchange of knowledge? How do writing workshops help us learn about our community? We will explore these questions by reading about community literacy, by visiting school gardens, by writing together, and by running writing workshops in school gardens.

Pre-Requisite: CM 1003

BI 2111 Themes in Fisheries & Aquaculture: Ecology of Freshwater Fish

This course will examine the ecology of freshwater fish in Maine. Students will design and implement ecology based research projects that focus on local freshwater fish. The first phase of this class will be field based, where students use a variety of sampling techniques to collect fish. The later phase of the class will use the data collected to test hypotheses and develop a research paper and presentation.

Pre-Requisite: BI 1114

BI 3111 Themes in Marine Science: Past, Current & Future of Ocean Conservation

In the past few years several new marine protected areas have been created. We will look at several of these areas of different ages and look at the impacts of this designation on the health of the ecosystems within and about these areas. We will map the extent of these designated areas across the globe and examine what this might actually do for the conservation of marine diversity.

Pre-Requisite: BI 2003 or Junior Status

PY 3141 Intro to Forensic Psychology 

Forensic psychology studies the intersection of psychology and the law.  This course offers an introductory survey of this field with a particular emphasis on exploring its history, prominent legal cases, related psychology subfields, and its practical application to therapeutic and legal settings.  This course utilizes a mixture of seminar, small groups, and lecture.  Participants are invited to engage in self-reflection and group dialogue around the text, selected readings, and activities.

This course requires assigned readings that must be completed prior to the first class.  This course will meet in person for 1 weekend at the start of the semester and then will continue online (until week 7) with posted readings and moderated discussion.  Students are expected to be sufficiently self-directed to manage this nontraditional course structure.  

Pre-Requisite: PY 1013

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