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Nova trips are small group adventure-based experiences led by well-trained leaders who are Unity College students themselves.

The B.S. in Adventure Therapy at Unity College combines therapeutic and counseling skills with challenging experiences in nature to promote wellness, build communities, and establish healthy relationships between people and their environment.

B.S. in Adventure Therapy

Adventure therapy is about working with individuals who face interpersonal, social, and psychological challenges. By facilitating experiences and adventures in nature, you can help clients make positive change. 

As an adventure therapy graduate from Unity, you’ll be qualified to serve in many professional fields, including ecopsychology; program planning and education; adventure, recreational, and wilderness therapy; social work; and activity-based counseling and psychotherapy.

At Unity, you will learn to use the environment to promote physical and mental health—while also repairing our relationship with nature by encouraging the responsible treatment of our planet.

Program Highlights

Lead the Way

Our adventure therapy students are champions of personal development who intertwine the exploration of the natural world with healing the human psyche. As a Unity student, you will learn to combine the two disciplines to offer meaningful outcomes in helping people use nature to address personal and social issues. 

Adventure therapy students are part of a fast-growing field of professionals who treat individuals in need of assistance with behavior and perception through community building, adventure activities, and self-reflection. 

What You Will Study

In addition to liberal arts foundation courses from our Environmental Citizen Curriculum, you will study adventure, psychology, and counseling courses geared toward wilderness programs and adventure facilitation. 

You will also acquire skills in outdoor activities like rock climbing, canoeing, backpacking, skiing, mountaineering, and sea kayaking—as well as engage in clinical exercises to prepare you to provide expert counseling to clients.

Adventure Therapy program course sheet (PDF)

Careers in Adventure Therapy

Adventure therapy graduates work in therapeutic settings as behavioral specialists, field instructors, psychiatric aides, therapists, counselors, case managers, and more. You may chose to work as a private practitioner or in a career associated with hospitals, specialized camps and schools, wilderness facilities, or community health organizations.

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Our Expert Faculty

Our accomplished faculty are dedicated to helping you drive real change through leading-edge knowledge and expertise. 

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