WE Lead

WE Lead


The Women's Environmental Leadership Program, WE Lead, educates and empowers female students, faculty and staff to become socially conscious environmental stewards and proactive members of their community.

The program offerings include:

  • Courses in women's studies
  • Environmental speaker series, bringing both local and national figures to campus to share their experiences
  • A student-run organization that sponsors trips, a retreat, open circle gatherings, and other activities
  • A WE Lead certificate that students earn while participating in the program

This woman-centered program is designed to broaden and enrich the college experience, and to encourage personal discovery, empowerment, and a sense of community at the college and beyond.


To earn a WE Lead certificate, students complete curricular courses, co curricular activities, and work with their mentor to develop and submit a final WE Lead portfolio.

WE Lead Certificate students link coursework in women’s studies to leadership roles and environmental projects beyond the classroom – theory and practice are connected. It’s a great way to get involved and make a difference. WE Lead students encompass all majors and participate in a variety of extra-curricular activities, including athletics, student clubs, and student government. The WE Lead experience will enhance whatever major you are planning to pursue. All Unity College students are welcome to participate in WE Lead activities whether they are enrolled in the certificate program or not.

To earn a certificate WE Lead students complete the following curricular and co-curricular items:

Curricular Component:
In order to fulfill this requirement the student must take GS 1883 and one other gender-related course.
  • GS 1883 – Introduction to Women’s Studies
  • Related gender studies courses may include but not limited to:  SY 3183 Social Problems, PY  3013 Human Sexuality or AN 3443 Researching Local Places
Co-Curricular Component:
Attendance includes journal entries and a brief reflection on each speaker and retreat. 
  • Attend annual WE Lead Retreat – Fall and Winter
  • Attend Monthly Her Story speakers

Each Year

  • Complete 1 student led action project or work as a WE Lead volunteer. The student led action project must focus on a gender/environmental issue that you feel strongly about. Examples of past projects include: Glass Ceiling Project and a Non- Credit Internship at Xact TeleSolutions.
  • Attend or lead 3 WE Lead activities. Activities include but not limited to: potluck dinners, hikes, trips, campus programming, and leadership workshops.


  • Submit a final portfolio that documents the above curricular and co-curricular activities. This must  be submitted to the WE Lead Steering Committee.

***The WE Lead certificate can be earned in two years.