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Student Conference

The Student Conference is an opportunity to celebrate excellence in academic work created by Unity College students. At the end of each semester, students gather at the Unity College Center for Performing Arts to display their best work and compete for a variety of awards. Works are judged by college faculty, staff, and community partners.

Student Conference Goals:
  • Encourage, promote, and recognize all quality academic and professional work among Unity College students, but celebrate excellence
  • Help build a campus culture that values attention to detail and quality work
  • Provide a transitional experience into professional and academic communities
  • Facilitate program evaluation and community building

For more information about the Student Conference including faculty sponsorship, submission terms, format requirements and past conference highlights, please click here.

Unity College Fall 2013 Student Conference Winners 

Unity Award Unity College Student Conference 2013
Unity Award

Zachary Wigham - Sustainability Science Education: A Realization of Deweyian Education in the Climate Era

Award for Academic Excellence
Award for Academic Excellence

Taylor Noble - Ant Biodiversity shifts in logged hemlock-dominated forest in New England

Unity Partnership Award Unity College Student Conference 2013
Unity Partnership Award

Kimberly Chavez - Turtle Ridge Nature Center

Conservation Award Unity College Student Conference 2013
Conservation Award

Joseph Eon, Cory Tardif, Matthew Lannon, Ryan O'Neill - General Management Plan: Whitten Hill Preserve

Creativity Award
Creativity Award

Katrina Wert -(Art + Physics)*(Woodsmen)=Awesome

Education Award Unity College Student Conference 2013
Education Award

Elizabelth Comstock and Brittney Kunst - Hope Elephants

Sustainability Award Unity College Student Conference 2013
Sustainability Award

Zachary Wigham, John Karyczak, Sarah Linneken - Energy, Education, and Economy: Review and Proposals for the Future of Unity

Environmental Professionals Award Unity College Student Conference 2013
Environmental Professionals Award

Adam Mohr, Benjamin Hepler, Cathrine Vogel, Jason Luttmer, Kaitlyn Nafziger, Marena Grondin, Thomas Ciarlante, Ziv Nelson - Geomorphology of Sandy Stream

Research Award Unity College Student Conference 2013
Research Award

Joey Bauer, Denise Mak, Destiney Priest, Ethan Roderick, Lindsey Senecal - Investigation of trap effectiveness in capturing green crabs

Student Conference at Unity College
Congratulations to all Participants!

Without your active participation and willingness to showcase your achievements, it would not have been such a successful event!