Adventure-Based Education

B.S. in Adventure-Based Environmental Education

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B.S. in Adventure-Based Environmental Education
Bachelor of Science
Unity College Adventure Based Environmental Education Sustainability Science

Graduates of the Adventure-Based Environmental Education program will make a difference in education for the future of the environment. The field of environmental education encompasses a broad spectrum - ranging from broad knowledge of ecology and geology, to group development, and safe field instruction. In this program, students explore how to use adventure activities such as backpacking, canoeing, and rock climbing as tools to make environmental learning an adventure and an instruction tool. Students in this program will explore, plan, practice and promote action-oriented programs that will reshape learning to inspire their students. Adventure-based Environmental Education at Unity College provides every learner with an understanding of their contribution to the environment, the power of working collaboratively, and their interconnectedness with all living things. This program highlights Unity College’s mission and expertise – using experiential and adventure teaching to develop the environmental understanding needed to imagine and enact solutions to 21st century environmental issues.