B.S. in Biology

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B.S. in Biology
Bachelor of Science
Unity College B.S. in Biology

The Biology program provides opportunities for students who are fascinated with living organisms to develop their passion. All Biology majors gain a foundational knowledge of cellular, organismal, and ecological aspects of biology that are necessary for any type of career in biology. 

The Biology program then allows students to specialize in an area that most interests them by selecting either the Organismal or Ecological option and choosing courses within their option to meet their needs. In addition to the knowledge of cells, organisms, populations, and ecosystems, the Biology program prepares students to be professionals through hands-on practice with lab and field skills, practical application of the scientific process, and scientific communication. 

Biology graduates are ready to take on issues of biodiversity loss, habitat degradation, invasive species, and global change. Our alums frequently enter the career field as foresters, zoologists, botanists, conservation biologists, educators, environmental consultants, fisheries biologists, ecologists, park rangers, game wardens, science writers, environmental biologists and more. 

Students wishing to pursue graduate studies should consider completing the Graduate School Core for Biological Sciences in addition to their Biology curriculum.