Marine Biology

B.S. in Marine Biology
Bachelor of Science

The Marine Biology program provides dedicated, engaged students with specialized knowledge of marine organisms and marine ecosystems. Marine Biology majors gain a solid foundation in the biological sciences while specializing in the unique characteristics of marine life. Students of this program are prepared to be professional biologists ready to take on the issues of biodiversity loss, overexploitation of marine resources, marine habitat loss and degradation, invasive species, and other issues in need of passionate leaders educated in the science of marine biology.

Graduates are prepared to enter marine or other biological careers and may work for aquariums, conservation organizations, government agencies, or researchers as field or lab technicians, or they may go on to graduate school to pursue their own research areas. Students wishing to pursue graduate studies in marine biology should consider completing the Graduate School Core for Biological Sciences in addition to the Marine Biology curriculum.


Rewarding opportunities include: 

Marine Biology - Work in the Field at Unity College

In the Field

Unity College students have the opportunity to work with a range of professors to study our coastline.  Several times a year, students head out to various locations to learn field-based skills and methodologies, and to work with professors conducting research. These experiences allow students to be competitive for internships and careers as field biologists.

Marine Biology - In the Lab at Unity College

In the Laboratory

The recently renovated labs offer an enhanced environment for hands-on experiential learning practices and provide a space for rigorous scientific inquiry. In this setting, students are able to explore what is presented to them in the classroom and learn techniques from microscopy to DNA analysis; from studying morphology to feeding behavior; from lobster dissections to physiology.

Marine Biology - Undergraduate Research Experiences at Unity College

Undergraduate Research Experiences

Faculty members at Unity are immersed in various types of research and weave students into every level of the process, with opportunities that range from investigative to exploratory. Current research projects include studying how seaweed harvesting affects the diversity of invertebrate animals that live within the environs, and how alewives returning from the sea affect freshwater populations.

Allen Island Summers at Unity College

Summer Research on Allen Island

In the summer months, students have opportunities to do research on Allen Island including: monitoring fish populations and young lobsters on the upper shore and observing how these populations are affected by rockweed harvesting; or exploring marine tardigrades on the coastline, an exciting possibility as this species has never been recorded from Maine shores and could lead to groundbreaking research.

Marine Biology - Aquaculture Facility at Unity College

Aquaculture Facility

The Marine Biology program runs a state-of-the-art coral and aquaculture laboratory. Through our program, students learn to grow and propagate coral, raise and breed fish, and learn techniques of tank and facility maintenance. In the aquaculture lab, students identify and create ecosystems, all with an emphasis on sustainability and with respect to environmental resources.

Marine Biology - Gulf of Maine at Unity College

The Gulf of Maine

Unity College is a short drive to the coast, allowing regular access to the Gulf of Maine and a range of shorelines from rocky to sandy. The coast offers opportunities for study from Acadia to Pemaquid on topics such as the effects of invasive species, sediment change in marine plant harvesting, and genetic comparisons of spawning populations.