Parks and Forest Resources

B.S. in Parks and Forest Resources

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B.S. in Parks and Forest Resources
Bachelor of Science
Unity College Parks and Forest Resources Sustainability Science

The Parks and Forest Resources degree prepares students with a comprehensive look at land management, with particular attention to forests and parks. This program will provide students with a foundation in the fundamentals of resource and visitor management practices utilized in the governmental, nonprofit and for profit sectors. Students will integrate the sciences with resource management, planning, policy, and administrative skills to be informed stewards of our natural resources.

Successful graduates meet the entry requirements for employment in federal, state, local, nonprofit, and for-profit land management agencies/organizations. Students are prepared with the skills and educational background to be successful in organizations such as: the National Park Service, US Forest Service, State Park and Forest agencies, local and regional park and land management agencies, land trusts, and for-profit land management consultants/organization.