Inspiring programs and research opportunities

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Koons Hall and the adjacent Thomashow Learning Labs form the College’s science hub.
The Animal Lab

Species include mice, ferrets, hedgehogs, a ball python, red-eared slider turtles, and an owl.

Unity College offers inspiring programs and research opportunities that encourage students to reach their potential. 

Through activities both on and off campus and in and out of the classroom, we empower students to become environmental leaders and proactive members of their communities.

Our Honors Program offers accomplished, motivated students the chance to engage in challenging and integrated learning experiences. Students in the program take part in a range of curricular and co-curricular activities to broaden their skills, knowledge, and perspectives and to strengthen their ability to solve problems both creatively and independently.

Our Internship Program is a key part of Unity’s student education. Among other advantages, students who participate in the program make valuable professional contacts, develop skills that can’t be learned in the classroom, and benefit from hands-on experiences to help focus their areas of interest. Unity College students have taken part in exciting internships both at home and around the world.

Our NorthStar Leadership Program is for students who want to challenge themselves and others to make a difference. It provides multiple tracks for students to discover and develop their leadership skills and philosophies. The four tracks are campus engagement, outdoor leadership, WE Lead, and service leadership.

Our Undergraduate Research opportunities allow students to make original and creative contributions to various disciplines. Students work with faculty mentors on transdisciplinary projects that increase their comprehension and confidence and help them succeed in their chosen careers or post-graduate studies. Unity College students have the chance to present their research on-campus at our biannual Student Conference held at the end of each semester.

To learn more about Unity’s distinctive programs and research, contact Unity College Admissions. We look forward to hearing from you!