Unity Fishbowl Talks

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Unity Fishbowl Talks is a colloquium series for Unity College faculty and invited outside speakers to discuss ideas on pedagogy and to present their scholarly work.

Unity Fishbowl Talks is a colloquium series for Unity College faculty and invited outside speakers to discuss ideas on pedagogy and to present their scholarly work. 

These discussions and presentations address the need for a trans-disciplinary forum for teaching efforts at Unity College and also provide an interdisciplinary forum for discussions on research. It is at this intersection of teaching and research goals where speakers can make the most impact on Unity College students. 

Attendance is highly encouraged, with most Fishbowl events occurring during community time on the second Thursday at noon or the third Tuesday at 11:00 am. The events take place in PW 204 and unless otherwise noted, include free lunch and a coffee discussion in the Student Center immediately after each presentation.

Fishbowl is generously sponsored by the Teaching Discussion Group and the Office of the President.

Spring 2015 Schedule: 

Thursday, Feb 12, 12:00 - 12:30 - Host: Bill Kovarik
Tuesday, Feb 17, 11:00 – 12:00 – John Lawrence, Guest Host: Janis Balda
Thursday, Feb 26, 12:00 – 12:30 – Mick Womersley
Thursday, March 12, 12:00 – 12:30 – Jonah Gula and George Matula
Tuesday, March 31, 11:00 – 12:00 – Erika Latty
Thursday, April 9, 12:00 – 12:30 – Aimee Phillippi
Tuesday, April 21, 11:00 -12:00 - Kathleen Dunkel

Michael Evans, Provost at Unity CollegeCrossing Cultural Divides - Michael Evans

When efforts are made to communicate aspects of one culture to the people of another, a host of interesting challenges must be considered and navigated. This talk, based on my fieldwork in the eastern Canadian Arctic, will focus on approaches taken by one group of Inuit videographers as they attempted to respond to those challenges.


The Unity College Bear StudyThe Unity College Bear Study - Jonah Gula and George Matula

Thursday, March 12, 12:00 - 12:30 PW 204
In 2012, Unity College received approval from the Maine Department oflnland Fisheries and Wildlife (MDIFW) to capture, tag, and track black bears in Central Maine. The project expands bear research into an area where bears are in the early stages of colonization and nuisance complaints are rising. The project is the first to integrate undergraduates into all aspects of the study: planning, implementation, data analysis, and more. Unity College students are acquiring practical, real-world exposure to wildlife management through the bear study. Data collected during the 2013 and 2014  field seasons has provided valuable information about a recolonizing bear population, and can be used by the MDIFW to inform bear management goals and objectives. As the project continues, new opportunities for student research is arising, and students can apply what they have learned in class to real-life conservation.