Research Support and Resources

SAEF Award – Student Academic Engagement Fund Award
The SAEF will award up to $500.00 to any student in a given semester to be used to complete a research project, present at a professional society meeting, or fulfill some other academic pursuit deemed eligible by the committee. Proposals are reviewed on a competitive basis at the beginning of each semester.

Project Assistant/Project Leader
Unity College has two courses designed to give students an outlet to work closely with faculty members on research projects, outreach opportunities, or program initiatives outside of traditional classes. The Project Leader designation is reserved for students who take the initiative to develop these opportunities.

Senior Thesis
Unity College students may pursue a senior thesis as part of a two-course sequence (ES 4003 and ES 4013). First, students work with faculty to develop a proposal including a project plan and timeline as well as identify their advisors. The second course is intended for data collection, analysis, and writing. Students will also share the results of their work during a thesis defense open to the campus community. A unique feature of the thesis program at Unity College is that the two courses meet concurrently such that a peer learning atmosphere is created. Students can discuss ideas and provide feedback to one another. Students planning a comprehensive thesis that may require additional time can repeat the second course or take a data collection course (ES 4001) over the summer.

Council on Undergraduate Research (CUR)
Unity College is a member of CUR, providing students and faculty with additional resources to help students and faculty become better scientists. The organization sponsors numerous workshops and conferences that students and faculty may attend to share research results or enhance their research practices through professional development.

Unity College Student Conference
This conference, held at the end of each semester, brings together students, staff, faculty and the wider community at a venue to showcase student work in the sciences, arts, and humanities. The conference is intended to encourage broad participation across campus and recognize exceptional academic and professional work. The conference is a mix of poster and oral presentations along with artwork and multimedia. Awards are presented in a number of categories.

External Grant Partners
Local Organizations
Several local organizations take pride in partnering with Unity College students (or entire classes) that choose to pursue a research topic that is closely aligned to their organization’s mission. Numerous students have been presented with financial backing to fulfill their research pursuits. Research results are then shared with that organization during annual meetings open to the public.

Professional Societies
Several Unity College students have traveled with their faculty mentors to present at local, regional, and national professional society meetings. In most instances, each conference will sponsor student travel grants to help offset the cost of attending these meetings. Unity College can also help to offset some of these costs. Other professional societies, such as Sigma Xi, gear specifically to undergraduate research students and have a variety of resources open to students and sponsoring faculty.

Fulbright U.S. Student Program
The Fulbright program is available for graduating seniors. A campus program advisor will help provide guidance and information to interested students about studying abroad.  

Work Study
Eligible students may also gain employment via the work study program to collaborate with faculty on research projects outside of the classroom. Students hired through this program have collaborated with faculty on a wide array of research projects.