Financial Aid

How to Apply
Unity College Financial Aid How to Apply

Prospective students must first apply for admission to the college. 

To apply for financial aid, complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) for full consideration of applicable aid. Although it is recommended that students apply online, you can request a paper application by contacting the Federal Student Aid Information Center at (800) 433-3243.

Unity College scholarships are awarded through the admissions process. Students will be notified if they qualify.

Financial Aid Awards

Financial aid is awarded at Unity College on the basis of documented financial need.  Your financial need is measured by subtracting your Expected Family Contribution (EFC) from the Cost of Attendance (COA).

Your EFC is calculated from the information you report on your FAFSA, according to a formula established by federal law. Your COA is the amount it will cost you to go to school, including tuition and fees, room and board, transportation, books and supplies, and an allowance for personal expenses. The Federal Student Aid Office provides detailed information about how your eligibility for federal financial aid is determined.

Your EFC is reviewed by the Unity financial aid staff, taking into account any additional information provided by you or your parent(s). If there have been any changes in your financial circumstances or those of your parents since your FAFSA was submitted, you should inform the financial aid staff. In some cases, it may be possible to adjust your award.

Award Letters include the following: