4-Year Graduation Guarantee

Concerned about college costs and debt load after graduation? Unity College recognizes the increasing cost of higher education for students and their families.  Beginning with the entering class of 2013, Unity College will pledge a guarantee of graduation in four years, provided the student follows the criteria below. 

Students who elect to participate in the Four Year Graduation Guarantee will work closely with their advisor, assuring requirements are known and that they must be met and taken in the appropriate sequences. 

Students will agree to satisfy the following terms:

  1. Matriculate at Unity College as a first-time, first-year student in a fall semester prepared to take math at the level of MA 1223 Algebra and Trigonometry, MA 2243 Elementary Statistics, or Calculus I.
  2. Choose a single major, during freshman year, and stay with that major for four years.  Double majors or single majors with a minor are not guaranteed in four years.
  3. Work closely with academic advisors to develop a four-year curricular plan that is complete and accurate.
  4. Preregister on the correct assigned day for each of the eight semesters.
  5. When a course is not available, notify the registrar’s office prior to pre-registration.
  6. Complete a minimum of 30 semester hours of credits each year for four years.
  7. Monitor your own progress and seek advice from your advisor.
  8. Maintain good academic standing as determined by the college.
    • You must earn grades sufficient to allow you to enroll in the next level of required courses in order not to repeat courses and thereby lose time.
    • Students placed on Academic Probation are not in good standing.
    • Keep your curricular plan up to date based on courses completed each semester.
  9. Submit a request for a formal degree check by the end of your fifth semester.
  10. Apply for graduation by the appropriate deadline.

Unity College will guarantee the student will be able to enroll in courses that permit graduation in four years.  If a student is unable to graduate in four years due to the unavailability of a course, the college will:

  1. Allow the student to graduate in the given time period by substituting a different course (or courses) or waiving the requirement.
  2. If our inability to provide this course delays graduation beyond four years the college will pay the tuition for any additional required courses at Unity College, provided you have met all of the expectations listed above.

Many students declaring a major later than the first semester, as well as students who change majors (even more than once), will often still be able to graduate from Unity College within four years.  These guidelines apply to the guarantee only and not to any specific graduation requirements.

Not all students are in a position to graduate in four years.  Some may need or prefer to work more hours and attend school part-time.  Others may just choose a different pace or the opportunity to take a wider range of courses that are not directly related to their field of study.  This program is designed for those who want to complete their degree program as quickly as possible.

The Four-Year Graduation Guarantee was approved by the Unity College administration in 2012.