Students in Action

Students in Action

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Unity College students are fortunate to gain an incredible classroom education, however they are also involved in many other learning opportunities. Woven into every course at Unity are sustainable practices and hands on learning. Whether working out in the field doing research, through internship and apprenticeship programs, during their study abroad experiences, or with their on and off campus experiential learning, students are getting more than simply a classroom education. Read below to learn more about the various opportunities that round out a Unity College student's education.

Unity College Internship Program

Internships let students explore, affirm, and reflect on career choices while gaining occupational skills. Unity offers many opportunities for students to travel around the world and work with organizations to prepare for future full time employment.

Unity College Bear Study Research Program

Unity College students have the unique opportunity to research Maine black bears. This student-faculty study includes trapping, tracking, and the attaching a video camera to a bear. View a video of the study and visit the project blog.

Unity College Wind Energy Management Research Program

Evaluating Maine’s wind power resources provides cross platform research and training for Unity College students who use their findings to present data in order to help make good decisions regarding the planning of wind power developments.

Unity College Study Abroad Program

Study primates in Indonesia. Live in an eco-village in Iceland. Unity students have study opportunities anywhere in the world and are engaged in global conservation efforts, sustainability initiatives and learning to solve environmental issues.

Unity College HEMS Research Program

The Hemlock Ecosystem Management Study at Unity College looks at how eastern hemlock forest disorders affect our ecosystems. The ongoing research helps land managers and recommends forestry practices for sustainability of the Maine north woods.

Unity College Alumni Mike Wallace With California Condor

Unity College graduates do remarkable things. Over 90% of alumni polled in our 2013 five Year Survey said that they are employed fulltime or in graduate school and remain involved in environmental stewardship. Read our alumni stories and get inspired!

Unity College Undergraduate Research Program

Working on research with professors in many disciplines on diverse, exciting projects in and out of the classroom, students are able to broaden their knowledge and apply their undergraduate research to further their education and "real life" experiences.

Unity College - Muddy Boots, Open Minds

Unity College student Katrina Wert directs this video which asks why students chose Unity.