Transfer Students

The Transfer Process

Transfer of Credits

Students may be awarded up to a maximum of 90 credit hours toward a bachelor’s degree. Courses counting as electives may not exceed 40 credit hours. Please note that students must earn a “C” or higher in order for the credit to be accepted in transfer.
Courses offered for transfer should be comparable to courses at Unity College, but other courses will be considered if appropriate to the student’s program of study. The registrar’s office will perform transfer credit evaluations for prospective transfer students. If the student wishes, a preliminary evaluation may be done during the campus visit and the student will have an opportunity to talk with the registrar’s office about the transfer process and necessary coursework to complete Unity College degree requirements.

Transfer Process

The student must have the registrar’s office from their college or university forward an official transcript of all coursework completed to the Admissions Office at Unity College. “Official” means that the transcript must be signed, have the school seal, and be in a sealed envelope or be delivered electronically from the originating school in a secure manner. Consultation with the Director of Financial Aid is strongly recommended prior to the transfer of credit.
Students may transfer credit to Unity College from an accredited institution.

Automatic Acceptance for Transfer Students

The Admissions Office at Unity College offers automatic acceptance to transfer students who meet the following criteria:
•          Have an Associate’s degree (60 credits) from an accredited institution.
•          Achieved a 2.5 GPA or higher.
•          Taken and received a C or better in a college level math course.
•          Taken and received a C or better in a college level science course with lab.
•          Taken and received a C or better in a college composition course.
Transfer students will have to submit an official transcript to be automatically accepted and will only fill out the personal information section on the application. No other documentation will be required for admission and the application fee will be waived.
Please be aware that acceptance does not guarantee enrollment.  Students will need to submit their enrollment deposit to ensure a space in the entering class.

Unity College Transfer Student Suggested Courses

Please see our guide of general education courses that would fulfill requirements for transferring to Unity College.

Transfer Scholarships

Unity College awards two different types of transfer scholarships to eligible students who enroll here. Please see our scholarships resource page.