Jason MacDonald's "Cape Breton Kitchen Party" with Anita MacDonald & Adam Young


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Jason MacDonald's "Cape Breton Kitchen Party" with Anita MacDonald & Adam Young

Thursday, March 21, 2013 - 7:00pm , UCCPA

Tickets: $15.00 (Buy Tickets)

New England Celtic Arts will present Jason MacDonald, Anita MacDonald and Adam Young at the Unity College Center for the Performing Arts on Thursday, March 21st.

Jason MacDonald's passion for music plays out in a driving acoustic fashion with energy, wonderful storytelling and a warm personality that connects immediately with his audience. With award nominations following his two recordings and most recently a 2009 Top Honors in the Indie International Songwriters Contest plus an Independent Singer-Songwriter Assoc. nomination under his belt, Jason isabout to add another chapter to the rich musical heritage of his Cape Breton home.

AnitaMacDonald is an accomplished musician, dancer, and Gaelic singer from Little Narrows, Cape Breton. She began step-dancing at age four and has wowed audiences with her impeccable timing and neatly choreographed steps. Anita’s fiddle playing has a distinctive sound that comes from her influences and variations on tunes that she has learned over the years from her musical family and teachers. She is the granddaughter of Little Narrows fiddler and guitarist, Charlie Ellis, and noted fiddle player and composer Raymond Ellis is her grand uncle. Anita’s passion for Cape Breton music has inspired her to workextensively with the cultural component of Féis an Eilein, in Christmas Island.

Adam Young accompanies Jason MacDonald and Anita MacDonald on piano and is one of the fine young players who continues the tradition of the energetic, yet haunting Cape Breton style piano. Young’s playing harmonizes with the guitar, fiddle and vocals and also provides the driving dance rhythms necessary for step dancing.

Tickets are $15. Limited number of FREE tickets available for Unity College Students, Faculty & Staff.  For more information or to purchase tickets, visit www.uccpa.unity.edu or call 207-948-7469. The Unity College Center for the Performing Arts is located at 42 Depot St in downtown Unity.