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Maine Books in May

Monday, May 13, 2013 - 12:30pm , TBD

Michele Leavitt

Our next book will be The Weight of Winter by Cathie Pelletier. We’ll meet on Monday, May 13 at 12:30 pm at Unity House.


The Weight of Winter  is the third novel in a trilogy.  If you’re interested in the whole series, here’s what Library Journal has to say:


First there was The Funeral Makers ( LJ 5/15/86) and then Once Upon a Time on the Banks ( LJ 8/89). Now here is the last of the trilogy detailing the lives of a variety of characters who people the backwoods town of Mattagash, Maine. Like its predecessors, this book promises to be well received and continues the same rich vein of well-crafted, poetic prose. Many of the original characters vividly reappear somewhat older but not necessarily wiser. Their individual stories spin around each other with the tightness and intricacy of the genealogical web which binds these folk together. Frequently funny and always poignant, it is a chronicle of past and present times, detailing lost dreams, found meaning, and echoing the sins of generations. What Mathilda Fennelson, the oldest living inhabitant of the town says of herself on the night of her death, "I'm all heart and nerve and memory," is also true of these stories.- Sheila Riley, Smithsonian Inst. Libs., Washington, D.C.