Unity Fishbowl Talk: "Evolutionary Implications for Sustainability Science"


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Unity Fishbowl Talk: "Evolutionary Implications for Sustainability Science"

Tuesday, April 15, 2014 - 11:00am , PW 204

Earth Week Invited Speaker, Dr. Timothy Waring, University of Maine, Sustainability Solutions Initiative

Sustainability science aims to improve our ability to achieve sustainable behaviors, institutions and societies, but lacks a general theory to facilitate transporting lessons learned between contexts.  I submit that an evolutionary theory of sustainability may be best equipped to serve the needs of sustainability science, for multiple reasons.  First, evolutionary theory is concerned with transitions and the temporal dynamics of change, second a theory on the evolution of human cooperation and culture is a useful starting point, third this evolutionary theory is highly interdisciplinary in nature.  I briefly characterize the sustainability challenge facing humanity, and present a handful of novel insights for sustainability science that emerge directly and uniquely from the evolutionary research on culture and cooperation.

Coffee discussion in the Student Center following lecture.

Support for this fishbowl comes from the Earth Week planning committee/Student Activities of Unity College.