Dr. Janis Balda

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Unity College's unique location makes environmental experiential learning easy and is a great jumping off point for outdoor activities. We are in the middle of three climate zones, providing our students with a unique location for doing original research.

Dr. Janis Balda

Associate Professor of Sustainable Enterprise/ School of Environmental Citizenship

Unity College Associate Professor of Sustainable Enterprise Dr. Janis Balda
Phone: 207-509-7260
Email: jbalda@unity.edu
Office: Founders Hall South

Dr. Balda is Associate Professor of Sustainable Enterprise and teaches in management, leadership and sustainable enterprise, as well as writing for nonprofits, in addition to a variety of other social science courses. She also is involved in transdisciplinary work introducing management across the curriculum. Three of her current research projects include analyzing flourishing enterprises as a positive outcome of sustainability, applying Appreciative Inquiry to organizational planning, and examining local food value chains as a stimulator of economic growth. Janis is working with undergraduate students on studies of leadership for local sustainability and on a case study applying Appreciative Inquiry to McKay Farm and Research Station.

Before coming to Unity College she served as a principal of the Max De Pree Center for Leadership, was Professor of International Management at St. George's University, Grenada, West Indies, and Associate Professor of International Management at George Fox University in Newberg, Oregon. Janis is licensed as an attorney-at-law, and has practiced law for many years, while also serving as a consultant to The Peter F. Drucker Archives and Manuscript Project and on the board of Medical Assistance Program International. She is currently a board member, Treasurer, Executive Committee member, and Chair of the Finance Committee of the International Leadership Association, and serves locally on the Board of Directors of Unity Barn Raisers.