Kathleen Dunckel


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Kathleen Dunckel

Assistant Professor in Computers and Geographic Information Systems/ Center for Natural Resource Management and Protection

Phone: 207-509-7127
Email: kdunckel@unity.edu
Office: Koons Hall, Office 205

Academic Background

PhD Student in Forest Resources, 2010-present University of Maine
MS, Environmental Science, Alaska Pacific University  
BA, Environmental Science, SUNY Plattsburgh

I began my career as an environmental scientist in the Adirondack mountains of New York. I was attracted to the environmental science major because it is truly interdisciplinary. I wanted to study the social sciences alongside the natural sciences and this major allowed me to do that. I found a unique environmental science program in Alaska where I was fortunate to spend a couple of years working with local high school students and native Alaskans in remote villages on various resource management issues.

I continue to be interested in ecology and natural resource management and the interaction of the two. I am particularly interested in using geospatial technology (remote sensing and geographic information systems or "GIS") to inform decision making in resource management and land use planning. GIS is a powerful tool because it adds spatial awareness to decision making. Our goal at Unity College is to give our students the tools they need to affect change. An applied understanding of GIS is certainly one of those tools.