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A non-traditional student internship

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Dale Pitre graduated from Unity College in May 2012 with a Bachelor’s Degree with coursework based in Adventure Therapy. Dale entered Unity as a non-traditional student. 

After graduating high school in 1979, Dale served 4 years in the US Coast Guard, after which he pursued a career in truck driving. Dale never dreamed of going back to school but he was seeking something more meaningful and the opportunity to make a difference. Trusting in his beliefs, Dale sought a college education at Unity. During his time at Unity Dale focused his studies on working with Veteran populations.  He undertook an independent study with Pine Grove Programs, a guiding business in Northern Maine with a strong commitment to providing adaptive programs for Veterans and their families. Dale also completed an internship with the recreation department at Togus VA Medical Center in Augusta, Maine. Both of these opportunities helped him learn how to apply his theoretical coursework to real-life situations as well as pave the way for professional opportunities.  

After graduating Dale continued to volunteer with Pine Grove Programs and the recreation department at Togus VA and learned how rewarding it was to work with a diverse Veteran population. Within six months he was hired on at Togus VA in a newly created position in the Home Based Primary Care unit as a Recreation Therapist for The Medical Foster Home clients. His position requires him to get to know the client’s past and current leisure activity interests and then work with the Veterans and Care Givers to provide supported opportunities for personal enrichment through healthy and beneficial leisure pursuits. 

Dales states that his Veteran status, trusting in his faith and his education at Unity College all played a roll helping him to pursue his dream. Unity College gave Dale the necessary credentials, knowledge content, and confidence for this position. Most importantly he realized that you are never past the point in life where you can’t change the direction you want it to go. He is truly making a difference in the lives of Veterans by educating Veterans on the importance of healthy leisure activities. 

Wednesday, January 08, 2014