Participation is simply our culture

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The beekeeping club is just one of the many unusual clubs you will find at Unity.

Unity College offers a wide variety of social, cultural, athletic, and educational opportunities that appeal to diverse interests. Participation is a vital element of Unity's spirit.

The number and diversity of social, cultural, athletic, and educational opportunities available at Unity is proof that Unity students are doers: participation is simply our culture. Getting involved in clubs and organizations is part of making friends, developing leadership skills—and having fun! Check out the ever-evolving list of current active clubs below.

For more information on current clubs, club officers and meeting times, please go to the SGA SharePoint site. If you don’t find the type of club you’re looking for, why not start one? Just contact one of your Student Government Association representatives or the Student Activities Coordinator with your idea.

  • American Sign Language
  • Animal Welfare
  • Archery
  • Art
  • Beekeeping
  • Wildlife Care and Education
  • Choir
  • Conservation Law Enforcement
  • Constructive Activists
  • Curling
  • Drama
  • Earth and Environmental Science
  • Equine
  • FFA
  • Fish Keepers
  • Gay-Straight Alliance
  • Herpetology
  • Ice Hockey (club sport)
  • Lacrosse
  • Marine Biology
  • Medieval Reenactment
  • Outing
  • Photography
  • Primitive Skills
  • Role Playing Games
  • Search and Rescue
  • Self Defense
  • Service Squad
  • Sugar Makers
  • Trail Crew
  • Ultimate Frisbee (club sport)
  • Wildlife Society
  • Woodsmen Team (club sport)

For more information on any of the clubs listed above, please download the Unity College Club Contact form.

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