Summer Programs

Summer Programs

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Summer in Maine - Immerse Yourself - Take it for credit or take it for fun.

You might be amazed at what a summer week in Maine can do. Whether you’re biking your way from an eco-village to an off-the-grid homestead, telling the story of a young farmer through film and photography, or writing your reflection of a Maine coastal village—a week in Maine can be an education in “amazing”.

Unity College summer programs take you on the kind of adventure you can only get in Maine, and let you become immersed in the kind of learning you can only experience at Unity College. 

Unity College Summer Programs

The kind of efficient, educational value that might just change your life. In as little as one week and for just a little more than half of regular tuition, you can satisfy important curricular requirements for Humanities, Art, or Social Science.



AR 3103 Art Explorations: Visual Media Storytelling

AR 2113 Creative Writing: A Sense of Place



HU 2023 Topics in Humanities: Maine International Film Festival


Social Science

AN 2113 Society and Sustainability - Biking Maine


  • Intensive and hands-on immersion into skills and content
  • Led by nationally-known experts in their fields
  • Satisfies key Unity College curricular requirements
  • A 3-credit course is only $1470 and lasts just a week 
  • Offered for transferable academic credit
  • Also available for non-credit courses $770 (3 credit) or $110 (1 credit). 

New Unity student?  

You’re coming for Nova anyway.  Why not add a course or two and make it a SUPERNOVA?  Get in your res hall early, meet some faculty, start making friends now, and get the lay of the land.  And earn as many as 12 credits of important curricular requirements at a reduced summer rate!   #SUPERNOVA  #FIRSTIN  #JOESALTYRULES

Current Unity student?

You know the deal.  Summer in Maine = Amazing.  Get your Art, Soc, or Humanities credit at about half of regular tuition.  And in ONE week.  #NUFSAID  #HOLLA  #HOLDTHEHASHTAGS

Other Summer Intensive Courses 


Field Experience

SA 1553 Unity College / MOFGA Summer Farm Intensive


One Credit Courses

ES 2001 Birding in Maine - Techniques in the Environmental Sciences

AS 2111 Professional Development - Landing an Internship or Job

Other college or high school student?  

Humanities, Art, and Social Science are common requirements for many colleges and universities as well.  Spend a week earning transferable college credit on a Maine learning journey this summer, then go to somewhere else in the fall.  

Life long learner?  

Looking to hone some media, writing, or professional skills?  Want a vacation adventure that sticks to your ribs?  Join the Unity College summer community, work with our amazing faculty one-on-one, and meet some wonderful folks. Climb a mountain.  Swim in the ocean.  Eat a lobster.