Summer Courses Refund Policy

Summer Courses Refund Policy

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The following is the refund policy for summer courses at Unity College, for both for credit and non-credit, and excluding internships. 

One week classes

Prior to the first day of class: 100% refund.
1st  calendar day: 90% refund.
2nd  calendar day: 50% refund. 
More than 2 calendar days: 0% refund.

Less than one week classes

Prior to the first day of class: 100% refund.
Once class begins: 0% refund.

Title IV Refunds

Students receiving any federally sponsored financial aid, such as Federal Pell Grants, or Federal Stafford Loans, are subject to a separate Federal policy pertaining to the amount of those federal funds they may retain when they withdraw from the college during an academic semester. This policy called, The Return of Title IV Funds Policy, prorates available aid based on the amount of the semester completed. Written examples of the refund calculations are available upon request from the financial aid office, as well as any further information that may be needed pertaining to the refund or return of Title IV Funds process. 

Whenever applicable refunds are determined and any federally sponsored programs are involved, the following federally prescribed order of refund distribution is required. 

Refund Distribution 

Prescribed by Law and Regulation TOTAL REFUND 
Unsubsidized Federal Stafford Loan 
Subsidized Federal Stafford Loan 
Federal Perkins Loan 
Federal PLUS Loan 
Federal Pell Grant
Other Title IV Aid Programs