These trips are designed to support the transition to college life by emphasizing personal growth, building social connections, and promoting environmental stewardship. Because of the important role this program plays in facilitating a successful transition to college, you are required to participate in Nova.

Summer Nova trip – what to expect:

  • Small group adventure-based experiences (approximately ten students and two staff)
  • Activities such as:  canoeing, kayaking, backpacking, primitive skills, community-building games and initiatives
  • Decision-making and risk management
  • Discussion circles (often accompanied by delicious camp cooking!)
  • Service project will provide you with a chance to give back to the wild and scenic places you’ll be exploring
  • Leave No Trace awareness program
  • Led by well-trained Unity College student leaders

Students that cannot attend the Summer Nova program will be required to participate in the Summer of 2019. Qualifications for deferment include physical limitations such as a temporary illness or injury. There are only certain and limited types of situations that qualify a student for exemption from the Nova program. These would be reviewed on an individual basis.

If you have any questions please contact Jessica Steele, Director of the Outdoor Adventure Center at 207-509-7293 or Juanita Murray, Administrative Assistant at 207-509-7236 or email