Prior Experience Required: No
Exertion Level: Mild to moderate.
Date: January 10-14, 2018

Come to this program ready to learn about the skills of our ancestors—skills that humans have used to thrive for thousands of years. You will be immersed in the natural world to learn about various primitive skills including: water collection, shelter building, fire making, tracking, camouflage and stalking techniques, and ways to keep yourself comfortable in the wilderness. We will also spend time learning outdoor cooking and living skills, including Leave No Trace principles. The group will be staying in a cabin with a wood stove, beds, and an outhouse.

All food and group gear will be provided. Participants should be able and willing to carry their own equipment, as well as group food and gear to the cabin. The menu will consist of wholesome and delicious foods. We will also participate in a service project to benefit and preserve the park.