Getting Started

The Study Abroad resources are available at the Career Resource Center located in the John Burwell Building. After consulting with Career Resource Center staff, students will be prepared to present The Study Away From Unity College paperwork (link to pdf document) to the Registrar’s Office for approval.

Commonly Used Study Abroad Programs

Study abroad programs in Australia and New Zealand at the college/university level at one of 19 universities; a full degree or a summer short course (3-6 weeks) during June/July/August. Internships are encouraged as part of every program.

Center for Ecological Living and Learning (CELL)
CELL offers 14-week college semester abroad programs focusing on community-based solutions to environmental problems. Semester programs consist of a combination of structured coursework, field-learning experiences, service-learning opportunities, and development of individual action plans for environmental stewardship.

Council on International Educational Exchange (CIEE)
CIEE is a nonprofit organization – it is a comprehensive resource for students who want to go abroad – student airfare, rail passes, ID cards, work abroad, study abroad information.

Center for Cultural Interchange (CCI)
The Center for Cultural Interchange (CCI) is a non-profit international education exchange organization dedicated to the promotion of cultural understanding, academic development, and world peace.

Ecolife Expeditions
Affiliated with the University of Pretoria in South Africa, Ecolife offers two options for 8-credit hands-on wildlife focused expeditions.

Operation Wallacea
International scientific research focused on conservation and biodiversity. Areas of focus are considered the most biologically diverse areas in the world.

School for Field Studies
Study abroad programs. Also, check out the “Working for SFS” page for information about paid international internships for college graduates.

Contact Us

Contact Rachel Kahn, Associate Director of Career Services, at or 207-509-7221 with any questions.