On each trip you will:

We have created a couple of Nova trips this year for our growing population of Non-traditional students. These trips will typically be led by our non-Traditional Student Leaders or Alumni.

Non Traditional students may be:

  • Older (Typical college students are 18-21yrs)
  • Military or Veterans
  • Parent or someone responsible for other family members
  • Professional or has Full Time work

Our Nova trips have been a highlight for Unity College students. Here are some of the things we will be doing on our Nova trip.

  • Paddle Maine’s most scenic lakes and rivers and camp at remote campsites
  • Learn skills such as paddling strokes, maneuvers, rescues, orienteering, weather forecasting, and boat maintenance
  • Learn skills such as stove use, cooking, management of the trail, topographical map reading, GPS navigation/compass, first aid, leadership, local ecology, and other various outdoor skills
  • Learn and practice Leave No Trace principles
  • Give back to the location by providing a service such as building bridges, maintaining trails, clearing campsites, building lean-tos and more
  • Explore the natural surroundings which support a diverse population of wildlife including loons, bald eagles, coyote, beaver, otter and moose
  • There will be time to fish on any of canoeing and kayaking trips. If you are interested in fishing, you will need to acquire a State of Maine fishing license. We provide fishing gear for the Fishing Trips Only. For more information on purchasing a State of Maine fishing license, please click here.

Namhamkanta Lake: Hiking and Canoeing
Dates: August 19-23 *Reserved for students who live outside the New England States
Exertion Level: Mild to moderate
Feel the calmness of the wilderness!  We will paddle to our campsite which sits on a sandy beach overlooking the views of the lake and neighboring mountain. There is an extensive network of hiking trails along the lakeshores and up to remote lakes and ponds. The group may even hike out to a cascading waterfall. During this trip the group will spend time paddling, swimming, and hiking. The Nahmakanta Public Lands encompass 43,000 acres of sprawling forests, crystal clear lakes, secluded ponds, and gorgeous mountain views.


St. Croix River: Fly Fishing and Canoeing
Dates: August 5-9
Exertion Level: Moderate
The St. Croix River is a beautiful scenic waterway that runs along the border of Maine and New Brunswick, Canada. We will start in the small border town of Vanceboro, Maine and take out at Grand Falls 34 miles later. We will be paddling through many rapids class I-III where we will hone our paddling skills. Staff will teach the skills necessary to paddle this river. We will also take the time to teach fly fishing techniques. Bring your own rod and equipment or we will have plenty to borrow. Photo identification (driver’s license or passport) is required for this trip.