This survey comprises the largest collection of wind data pertaining to Maine’s wind power resources currently available to the public and state officials. Over the last several years in the state of Maine alone, there has been approximately $1B of inward investment in wind power, with another $4B or $5B earmarked for similar investment in wind energy.

Mick Womersley runs a summer field program and using this current data provided by the survey, works with student researchers on evaluating and assessing wind power through measurement, advanced mapping and other related applications.

In the field and back in the research room, students perform cross platform research and training, applying knowledge from various disciplines including engineering, math, GIS, public relations, and climate science in order to come to their conclusions.

Together, Womersley and his Sustainable Energy students work on the analysis of renewable energy and energy policy in general, in climate mitigation, and in local renewable energy planning. They summarize the broad implications for the community-based development of renewable energy and the cost-effective mitigation of climate pollution in Maine and New England. Students are able to take their findings and present the data in order to help outside organizations plan wind power developments.