The conference features traditional research, multi-media works, art installations, and a variety of other creative projects. Students compete in a range of categories for recognition of exceptional achievement and cash awards.

The goals of the Unity College Student Conference are to:

  • Encourage, promote, and recognize all quality academic and professional work among Unity College students
  • Help build a campus culture that values undergraduate research
  • Provide professional experience presenting in an academic community

For information about the Student Conference including faculty sponsorship, submission terms, format requirements and past conference highlights, visit the Student Conference Website.

Spring 2017 Conference Award Winners

  • Creativity Award to Ru Allen for Remnants Reborn – Rethinking what is left behind
  • Environmental Stewardship Award to E. Joe Moran for Mitigation of Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) in White-tailed deer through strategic harvest management regimes
  • Research Award, Single Author to Sarah McQuade for Occupancy by Various Species of Fragmented and intact forest in Southern Connecticut
  • Research Award, 2-7 Author to Scott Geissier; Bethany Slack; Thomas Hall; Rhyan Pacquerau for Relationship between beaver forage range and habitat quality in Waldo County, Maine
  • Sustainability Award to Samantha McGarrigle; Raeann Bond; Mariza Giofriddo; Matthew Macieiko; Tori Pilger; Elizabeth Villies for Rain and Pollinator Gardens: Increasing Biodiversity on the Unity College Campus
  • Environment Professional Award to Sam Balda; Derrick Bates; Sierra Costa-Pierce; Caden Dole; Emily Goldthwaite; Victoria Jeffcoats; Zahrra Jordan; Kelly Lange; Emily Levasseur; Megan McKeighan; Joshua Minnich; Jacob Norris; Jacob Poulin; Erin Raatz; Camden Smith; Alicia Tietz; Patrick Todd; Elizabeth Villies; Christopher Will; Brandon Wright for Adventure Therapy Modalities and Populations: Theoretical, Integrative, & Program Proposal Approaches
  • Unity Partnership Award to Adam Winsor; Leighanne Wilson; Allison Stevens; Rachael Waugh; Matthew Squires; Jaden L Reale; Patricia Paskerta; Rhyan Paquereau; Jacob Norris; Collin Nafziger; Ian Montgomery; Kenneth McCumber; Kyle Lee; Samantha Holt; Peter Harvey; Jarad Greeley; Morticia Goodell; Alexander Gastelu; Devon Funt; Joel Devoid; Katherine Cummings; Benjamin Collins; Brian Fisher; Michael Anderson; Howard Asal, Joshua Bernier; Kaitlyn Berwick; Raeann Bond; Megan Carroll for Administration & Organization: Community Based Outreach Projects
  • Award for Academic Excellence to Lauren Souther for Antibacterial activity of secondary compounds extracted from endophytic fungi from marine macroalgae in Maine.
  • Unity Award to Rae-Ann MacLellan-Hurd for Quantitative model of phosphorous inputs into Lake Winnecook

Fall 2016 Conference Award Winners

  • The Unity Award for best overall project, to Cassidy Marshall and Lisette DeLoatch, for “Turbidites Effect on Fish Species Diversity.”
  • The Award for Academic Excellence, to Jennifer Meineke, for “Population Density and Home Range Size in Tamiasciurus hudsonicus in Unity, Maine.”
  • The Unity Partnership Award, for the best project completed in cooperation with external organizations, to Allison Stevens, for “Freedom Forest Preserve: Interpretive Products.”
  • The Creativity Award, to Dayson Cullivan, for his presentation, “Life of a Hunter.”
  • The Education Award, to Mikkaela Scott for “Unity College Heritage Farm.”
  • The Research Award (individual), to Katherine Cummings, for “Beech Bark Disease in Maine: Effects of Forest Composition, Density on Infection Severity.”
  • The Research Award (group), to Ben Sawtelle, Kyle Pisano, Tiffany Brown, and Tori Piger, for “Measuring Differences in American Chestnut Growth in Densely Plotted Trees.”
  • The Sustainability Award to Anya Samiljan, Jared Mummert, Savannah Sprague, and Josh Bernier, for “Reduction of Municipal Waste in Unity College Residence Halls via Alternative Disposal Resources.”
  • The Environmental Professionals Award to Brian Harris-Jones, Cassandra Cates, Sean Stewart, Gunnar Norback, Emily MacDonald, Morgan DuBois, Alyssa Silvia, and Sally Carullo, for “Calculating the Volume of Water and Sediment in an Irrigation Pond at Johnny’s Selected Seeds.”
  • The Environmental Stewardship Award, to Greg LeClair for his “YouTube Conservation: Using Modern Media for Saving Wildlife.”