Joseph Saltalamachia

Associate Director Admissions

Staff photo
Phone: 207-509-7205
Office: Allison M. Hall Welcome Center

Joe Saltalamachia, Associate Director of Admissions, is a native of Oswego, N.Y., however, has spent the majority of his life in Maine. He graduated from Unity College with a B.S. in Environmental Science/Wildlife.

Joe loves helping students and their families navigate the college selection process. Selecting a college is a huge decision in a young adult’s life and one of his goals is to reduce the stress of that decision by building partnerships with students. He is excited when students have an excellent college experience, more excited when they graduate and ecstatic when they land their dream job. Joe regularly keeps in contact with many of the former students.

One of his favorite things about Unity College is its focus on the environment and its environmental diversity. Deer hunters and animal rights activists, tree cutters and tree huggers can all coexist on the campus of America’s Environmental College. They are all respectful of each other’s opinion. He feels Unity College can be an example to the rest of the world on how to get along and make progress on divisive issues.

Joe is primarily responsible for the territory that consists of Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Montana, Missouri, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, Alaska, and Hawaii.  

Outside of the office, Joe loves spending time outdoors and takes advantage of everything that Maine has to offer. He and his wife enjoy time with their dogs, hunting, fishing, camping, and hiking whenever possible. He also writes for a variety of outdoor magazines.