Dr. Pamela MacRae

Dean of

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Phone: 207-509-7256
Email: pmacrae@unity.edu
Office: Koons Hall

I am a fish community ecologist and the general theme of all of my research has been exploring the links between fish and their environment. I have numerous ongoing research projects including 1) the effects of anthropogenic nitrate enrichment on species composition, richness, and density of fish in freshwater springs in Florida, 2) the role of rockweed harvesting on coastal finfish and lobster fisheries of Maine, 3) the influence of alewife restoration on native littoral fish species and 4) a comparison of cyprinid populations among mainland and island ponds.


Post-Doctoral Research Associate, Florida State University
PhD, Louisiana State University
MS, University of Toronto
BS and Honors Certificate, Saint Mary’s University

Courses Taught at Unity

BI2004 & BI2004L Population and Community Ecology
BI2064 & BI2064L Honors Population and Community Ecology
ES3183 & ES3183L Limnology
BI2111 Marine Fisheries Theme, Coastal Fisheries of Maine Theme
BI3323 & BI3323L Conservation Biology
BI3233 & BI3233L Ichthyology
BI4702 Biodiversity Capstone

MacRae Curriculum Vitae